CoDI stands for the Centre of Digital Innovation, it is an initiative launched by the Telecommunications And Digital Government Regulatory Authority in the UAE in late 2013 as a response to the UAE’s strive towards being a smarter and digitally transformed nation.

What we do

CoDI does various capacity building and research and development activities resulting in knowledge generating products and services in ICT primarily. CoDI has established an ecosystem of partners and stakeholders from different sectors. The ecosystem forms a main enabling pillar to drive CoDI forward.

How to reach CoDI

CoDI is physically located in Dubai at the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority building. You do not need to physically be available at CoDI in order to benefit from the offered services as some of them are available online and are easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

An initiative by by the Telecommunications And Digital Government Regulatory Authority in the UAE


How you can benefit from our initiatives

For Individual Knowledge Seekers

If you are an individual knowledge seeker from anywhere in the world and interested to benefit from our online training service, all what you need is a smart device and an internet connectivity to access the portal.

If you would like to know more about our latest initiatives that we roll out simply follow TDRA social media accounts (THEUAETRA).

For Government Entities, Universities, R&D and Innovation Centers

If you fall under one of these categories, you can always reach us though any of the TDRA channel found here

Our Publications

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Our Partners


Knowledge Seekers





Internship Opportunities

Some of our great interns.

For internship opportunities please visit our contact us page.